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Memes and their effect on society

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Many years ago, emojis changed the way we communicate, online movies began to rise, and texting started dying out slowly due to the use of voice messaging. All this goes to show how technology continues to evolve in the 21st century, and how it will continue for a long time. One of the continually changing pieces of technology we use every day is memes. Through Twitter, Instagram and Reddit we can share funny images or short videos with other people. The newest, funniest, most popular memes come and go, but what do memes do that affect us constantly? Have you ever heard the quote “Laughter is the best medicine”? Well, it’s true! Adding humor to a person’s life lightens their burdens, inspires hope, connects them to others and keeps them grounded, focused, and alert. Memes are one of the quickest and easiest ways to incorporate humor into one’s daily life. Simply scrolling through some memes on Instagram or Reddit during a lunch break can take some edge off a stressful day. Even if a person lives an introverted lifestyle or a really closed off one, they can find humor without the presence of another person simply by looking through old vines or trending memes. These can consequently provide anyone with laughter in their day to day life, despite their circumstances. Frankly, memes have become a popular method of communicating, now that technology has evolved so much, it is exceptionally easy to send posts on social media to friends or family. Memes have the capability of sending messages to people without even having to use words, and therefore make them inclined to spread. Viral images or videos quickly become popular around the globe in a matter of days, sometimes even hours! The “dab” is a prime example of a viral dance move that made an explosive impact on the world. Even someone in India or Argentina could probably recognize it! Essentially proving memes are universal. Besides a good laugh and communicating with others, memes provide yet another platform for people to understand a concept, idea or opinion that they may not have heard about. Nowadays teens are growing their interest in politics and global issues through memes. Memes and social media basically allow society to connect and understand anything in a short amount of time. Memes are one of the best and simplest ways to get a laugh out of the world, yet also to spark your learning. To conclude, memes are, overall, beneficial as they can easily get in a quick laugh, communicate with others from all over the world, and provide a new and interesting learning platform. Memes are available to everyone who has a phone and can be spread easily and are simple and quick to access.

-Haider Sohail Ijaz

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